Unifield, University Twinning College


Through our vision, mission, and core values, UIC is commited to ensuring human dignity in line with the concept of ‘ukhwah’ as the core ethos of the UIC. By providing comprehensive infrastructure, consist of education and services we’ll giving the best necessities needed. Well trained lecturers will be there to keep amused and will guide besides granting knowledge and information. Front liners that friendly enough to serve students no matter what issues that they facing of. Therefore, we welcoming those future students all over nationwide to be part of UIC, and as we assure, you’ll never be remorseful. We reassure that, be part of UIC, is the moment that will never fade away.

Puan Rohana binti Rahmat, Chief Executive UIC
Puan Nabilah binti Amin, Deputy Chief Executive

Upcoming Events


19.4.2015 Program Explorace
23.4.2015 Kempen Jom Tutup Aurat


04.5.2015 Liga Sukan CFP
13.5.2015 Kursus Perisian 2D dan 3D
23.5.2015 Kursus Penyembelihan Ayam dan Malam BBQ
27.5.2015 Kempen Kemalangan Jalanraya


10.6.2015 Taklimat Dan Praktikal Pertolongan Cemas dan CPR
26.6.2015 Kaunseling Mingguan & Mahkamah Pelajar
27.6.2015 Kemahiran Insaniah UiTM
30.6.2015 Majlis Terbuka Puasa